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Sri Lanka Tours, Reserve Your Seat

Our Seat-in Coach Tours give you the ability to book an authentic travel experience of Sri Lanka without having to go through the hassle of arranging transport, accommodation or creating an itinerary. Ranging from 5 days to 7 days, simply choose from our exciting Seat-in Coach Tours, book your seat on our luxury coach, be picked up from your hotel in Colombo and visit the most popular attractions of Sri Lanka while enjoying the hospitality of some of the best hotels in the country. Visit the major cultural and historical sites of the country, the untouched beaches around the coast, and the panoramic mountains of the hill country. Experience the local way of life with unique activities and excursions. All this and more, hassle free with the expert care and guidance of one of our professional guides. Book today to secure your seat!

Special Sri Lanka holiday offers from Leisure Tours. Book now and save big on your next holiday.