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Bullock Cart Rides

A two-wheeled cart, usually pulled by a bull. It is a means of transportation that has been used since ancient times in various parts of the world. Bullock carts are still used today by villages are an inexpensive means of transport and it is not uncommon.

As the sole mode of road transport for Sri Lankans not so long ago, bullock cart rides not only aided in transportation for villagers on their journeys but also in relieving the burdens of their livelihoods, being used in carrying items such as wood, grain, hay, vending items and any heavy loads from kerosene to laundry over longer distances.

Have you ever come across riding a bull? Well, In Sri Lanka, many villagers use Bullock Cart which is an ancient main transportation system. The village tour on a bullock is an interesting experience in learning the village life of the country which is laid back unlike the hustle bustle of city life. Encounter bullock cart rides for a traditional experience. Enjoy the cool breeze and observe scenic views whilst passing through the lush countryside and scrub lined mud paths.

We can arrange for your group to travel to an excursion point where they will be able to enjoy a Sri Lankan meal in a traditional setting to enhance the experience.