Travellers information of Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Travel from CMB Colombo Airport: 130 km – 3 hours drive.

  • Travel from Colombo: 150 km – 3 hours 45 mins drive.

  • Travel from Kandy: 71 km – 02 hours drive.

  • Travel from Habarana: 18 km – 30 mins drive.

  • Travel from Sigiriya Rock: 19 km – 30 mins drive.

  • Climate: Dambulla is a year-round destination and offers the most pleasant weather conditions between January and June. Dry season is from May and September and October to December are the wettest moths.

Essential information before you go to Dambulla
  • Entrance fee for Dambulla Cave Temple: LKR 1500 per foreign traveller and LKR 750 per foreign child age between 6 – 12 years in January 2019.

  • Ticket counter opening hours: from 7 am – 5:00 pm, but the temple is open until 7 pm.
  • Tips: Dambulla cave temple gets busy with pilgrims and tourist throughout the year and therefor, plan your visit either early morning or later afternoon to avoid the crowds.

    When you enter the cave area you have to remove your shoes and walk barefoot. Therefore, have a pair of socks to protect the feet as the stones are hot most of the day. Where cloths to cover your solders and below your knees.

Dambulla Cave Temple also called The Golden Temple is a world heritage site by UNESCO, declared in 1991. The most significant heritage here is the five caves of living rock with murals and sculptures. The pre-Brahmi inscriptions belonging to the third century BC and the murals of the eighteenth century reflect human activities over a long period.

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