Yala National Park Sri Lanka

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, Yala National Park Sri Lanka is a great place to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

Plan your trip to Yala National Park

Yala National Park of Sri Lanka is situated in the south-east of the island protecting an area of nearly 151,177.8 ha of land which is divided into five blocks. Only Block-I and Block-III are currently opened to the tourism. The environment of the Yala National Park, including its fauna and flora, has experienced substantial changes through the centuries. The vegetation is generally scrub jungle as well as mangroves in the lagoons that are scattered throughout the park. There are also a number of natural and artificial waterholes and tanks that ensure the survival of the wildlife within the area. Yala is famous for its population of elephants seen in large herds and the highest density of leopards in the world, sloth bear, spotted deer, sambhur, wild buffalo, jackals, monkeys, crocodiles and the mongoose.There are also more than a 130 species of birds such as the jungle fowl, painted stork, blue-faced malkoha and the pompadour green pigeon.

  • Best time to visit Yala National Park is in the dry season between February and July with the water levels of the park are quite low, bringing animals into the open. The park is closed from September to mid-October due to a lack of water and in order to allow the animals some respite from human contact during the breeding season.
  • Yala National Park has a hot and dry climate between June till mid-Ocotber as the area receives its annual rainfall during the north-east monsoon from November to January.

Let the natural beauty of Yala National Park Sri Lanka inspire you.